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Blog Post 7 - Another School Year, Another Opportunity for Growth!

  Another School Year,  Another Opportunity for Growth!      The start of a new school year always brings about a mix of excitement, nervousness, and maybe even a little fear of the unknown. As students gear up for another year of learning, it's essential to take the time to reflect on the past and set goals for the future. For many, the start of a new school year means a fresh start. It's a chance to leave behind any struggles or challenges from the previous year and approach the upcoming year positively. It's also an excellent opportunity  to set new academic and personal goals, whether improving grades, joining a club, or making new friends.       As the academic year begins, it's essential to establish good habits and routines to set yourself up for success. This can include getting enough sleep, staying organized, and staying on top of assignments and deadlines. It's also a good idea to reach out to teachers and classmates for help and support when needed. Of c
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Blog Post 6 - Teachers Grow over the summer!

  Teachers Grow over the summer! Most teachers are excited to take a break from the classroom and recharge at the end of a hectic school year. However, the break is also an opportunity for some to learn and refine their skills.  This summer, several teachers from BDMS participated in MSMC's annual 'Picturing Writing' workshop . Our teachers participated in the 'Picturing Writing' workshop to gain new perspectives on literacy. They plan to incorporate the techniques and strategies they learned into their instruction this fall to help their students become better writers. By using visual art as a tool for writing, students can develop their creativity and imagination while improving their writing skills. Ms. Martelli, Ms. Cambronero, Ms. Coffey, Ms. Rosscup, and Mr. VanDeree are excited to implement these new ideas and see their positive impact on their students' learning. At BDMS, our educators understand the significance of utilizing every opportunity to learn a

Blog Post 5 - Growth Through Faith!

  Growth Through Faith! At Bishop Dunn Memorial School, we understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to student development. Our focus on Catholic education is a source of pride for us, as it prepares our students for religious life and a life of faith, service, and personal growth. As a private school located on the scenic campus of Mount Saint Mary College, we offer a personalized approach to educating our students with small class sizes and individualized attention.  Recently, we held a special Communion ceremony for a new family who joined our community in September. The ceremony took place at the Church of the Most Holy Rosary on our lovely campus, and it was a joyous occasion for Matthew, a fifth-grader, and his sister Sloane, a second-grader, as they made their first Communion together. The ceremony was attended by their parents, godparents, and other family members who celebrated the children's new faith and growth as members of the Catholic community. It was al

Blog Post 4 - Growth Inspired by True Leadership!

Growth Inspired by True Leadership! At Bishop Dunn Memorial School, we are fortunate to have an exceptional leader in Principal Nancy Benfer. With over 20 years of experience at BDMS, Nancy has dedicated her career to education. She started as a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant and worked her way up to become the Principal in 2017. Nancy is a Mount Saint Mary College graduate, earning a Bachelor's degree and a Master of Science in Education: Childhood/Special Education. She has mentored and supervised many teacher candidates as an adjunct professor in the Education Department at Mount Saint Mary College. Her innovative approach to education inspired one of her fourth-grade classes to collaborate on a book project about the history of Mount Saint Mary College, titled "Teach Me Truth." Nancy is a respected presenter on various Hudson Valley topics, including "Inspiring 21st Century Learners Informational Writing through Children's Literature and Media" and &quo

Blog Post 3 - Growth Through Communication!

Growth Through Communication! Effective communication is becoming more important than ever in today's fast-paced world, especially between families and schools. The benefits of such communication are numerous and can significantly impact a child's academic success. By working together, parents and teachers can identify and address any student's challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. Many families at Bishop Dunn Memorial School look for opportunities to create fun events that help students grow emotionally, socially, and spiritually. These events help strengthen the bond between families, students, and teachers, resulting in a positive learning environment where everyone grows. Effective communication between families and schools can also lead to better decision-making regarding the student's education. With parents providing valuable insights into their child's learning style and behavior, teachers can tailor their teaching methods to meet the student&#

Blog Post 2 - Students Grow Through Art!

Students Grow Through Art! At BDMS, Art is a vital part of our school curriculum, and we are blessed to have Ms. Gabriella Martelli, a talented and passionate educator, in charge of our art program. She provides a safe and supportive space for students to explore their imaginations and develop essential skills for their growth. Through her Art lessons, students are provided with creativity and personal development, which enhances their cognitive abilities, emotional intelligence, and social consciousness. Please enjoy a sample of some of the BDMS students' incredible art creations from our Spring Art Show, which took place on Wednesday, May 24th.                                         

Blog Post 1 - Learning is Essential for Growth!

Learning is Essential for Growth! To grow as a student, stepping outside of our comfort zones is often necessary, and exploring new opportunities is essential. This could mean participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering, or taking on challenging courses. By pushing ourselves to try new things, we open ourselves up to new experiences and perspectives that can enrich our lives.